October 2012 videos

October 2012


Duration – 3:55

A lot of trees were cut down back in June removing a green screen separating homes from highway 131. The city of Portage stepped up to replace that barrier.

Up on the RoofUp On The Roof
Duration – 3:48

Usually when you see colorful flowers, they’re in the ground, in planters or hanging baskets. But at Kalamazoo City Hall, 55 hundred square feet of flowers are up on the roof.

Fire Pilot ProgramFire Pilot Program
Duration – 4:26

In Portage most calls for help during the day come from areas where there are more people. Now, a six-month experiment by the Portage Fire Department is trying to see if by moving its personnel and fire equipment during the day they can improve their response time throughout the city.

School Zone, Slow Down!School Zone, Slow Down!
Duration – 2:28

Kids are back in school, so drivers, slow down. We’ll remind you about some of the rules of the road when it comes to school crosswalks and bus signals.

Ballot PrepBallot Prep
Duration – 4:59

For most of us, getting ready for an election means trying to find our voter registration card. But township clerks have a lot more to do. We’ll show you the behind-the-scenes efforts in one township.