February 2014 Videos

February 2014


K-12 360: Parchment Peer Mentoring
Parchment Peer Mentoring
Duration – 6:14

K-12 360 went to Parchment Middle School to talk to a counselor and two students about the Peer Mentoring program.

K-12 360: Portage Transportation & Maintenance
Portage Transportation & Maintenance
Duration – 6:04

We all expect that a school bus will pick children up on time and deliver them to school without breaking down. We also expect that when we walk into a school, the temperature will be appropriate and the roof won’t be leaking. But have you ever thought about how all that happens? There’s a lot of coordination that goes on inside the Portage Public Schools Transportation and Maintenance Facility.

K-12 360: Parkwood-Upjohn Drum Choir
Parkwood-Upjohn Drum Choir
Duration – 6:44

Djembes and doundouns are traditional West African drums. But you don’t have to travel to Africa to hear them! Fourth and 5th grade students are learning traditional drumming techniques in the Parkwood-Upjohn Drum Choir.

K-12 360: Dr. Duncan Tribute
Dr. Duncan Tribute
Duration – 1:46

On January 1st, the Kalamazoo Public School Board lost their newest member.