January 2012 Videos

January 2012


Connect: Portage Public SafetyPortage Public Safety
Duration – 4:05

In July 2011, Portage Police Department and Fire Departments merged into one Public Safety Department. How are things going after six months? Connect sat down with Chief Richard White to find out the details.

Connect: Municipal BudgetsMunicipal Budgets
Duration – 6:07

Generally around this time of year, local municipalities are looking at their yearly budgets. Connect sat down with Kalamazoo Township Treasurer, George Cochran, and Kalamazoo Township Clerk, Donald Thall, to talk about their budget surplus.

Connect: County Road CommissionCounty Road Commission
Duration – 4:56

Snowplowing is very important during the winter season in Michigan. Connect talked to Joanna Johnson and Travis Bartholomew from the Kalamazoo County Road Commission to see what they have been doing to cut costs and still keep you safe on the roads.

Connect: Future Parchment DevelopmentFuture Parchment Development
Duration – 4:13

If you’ve driven through the City of Parchment, you may have noticed a large area of land that used to have a paper plant on it. Connect sat down with Parchment Mayor, Robert Heasley, to talk about what kind of new development could be coming to our area.

Connect: Red Med BoxesRed Med Boxes
Duration – 1:27

Disposing of your expired or unneeded prescriptions by throwing them away or flushing them is not the best way. Kalamazoo County now has 4 locations where you can bring those meds: Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety; Kalamazoo Sheriff’s Office; Kalamazoo Township’s Police Office; and the Portage Police Department. For more information, click here.