“(Hildenbrand’s) name was placed on ECL some two or three days

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canada goose clearance Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said Bernd Hildenbrand has been put on the “exit control list” (ECL), which forbids individuals from leaving the country, due to an ongoing probe into the lease of planes from a Sri Lankan carrier.”(Hildenbrand’s) name was placed on ECL some two or three days back,” Khan told reporters in Karachi, outlining concerns Cheap Canada Goose about management of PIA.”Whatever I have seen in the initial report is painful. At one side PIA is drowning financially, on the other side some people, a mafia, are sucking it like leeches,” Khan added.Hildenbrand, who had been tasked with stemming losses at PIA so the government can privatise the carrier, said there appears to be some confusion within the ministry about how airplane leases work.”My conscience is clear. I haven’t done anything wrong canada goose clearance.