“Cutting out cereal fibre eases symptoms by between 30% and 40%

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Canada Goose Outlet Irritable bowel syndrome Could be the cause if: You’ve been bloated on and off for a long time cheap canada goose and have also experienced symptoms including pain, constipation and/or of diarrhoea.A common bowel condition, IBS is a functional disorder, which means there’s nothing wrong with the structure of the bowel itself, but the way the gut works is abnormal.Peter Whorwell, professor of and at the University of Manchester, says: “We think the gut is over sensitive in Cheap Canada Goose IBS sufferers so its normal cause the symptoms.”Bloating is one of the most side effects of IBS. Some women go up a couple of dress sizes and even need different clothes on whether or not they are For many, it tends to worsen the evening, so it can your social life.There’s no cure for IBS, but you can the symptoms.”Cutting out cereal fibre eases symptoms by between 30% and 40% in the majority of says Professor Whorwell.This means avoiding bread, oats, muesli, digestive biscuits, cereal bars and all breakfast cereals other than Rice Krispies, but white bread, cakes, cream crackers and most biscuits are fine.Try doing this for three months to see if it helps. Probiotics may also ease symptoms Holland and Barrett stock these chewable probiotic tablets.You can also try Activia yoghurts, as the probiotic strain they contain has been shown to help IBS Sainsbury’s is currently offering 80p off packs of 4 Activia yoghurts.You could also try a such as BioCare Acidophilus ( for 60 capsules, on Amazon ), and it’s worth seeing your GP.Doctors can prescribe medication for you, such as anti spasmodics, laxatives and “There’s no problem taking and anti diarrhoeals in the long term if you have IBS,” adds Professor Whorwell.2. Canada Goose Outlet

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