February 2014 Videos

February 2014


Connect: Snow Heroes
Snow Heroes
Duration – 3:27

Keeping our sidewalks clear of snow and ice makes walking safer for everybody. Children walking to school and people in wheelchairs especially need clear pavements. But not everybody is physically capable of clearing their sidewalk. Kalamazoo Township has a way for you to help – you can be a Snow Hero!

Connect: Household Hazardous Waste
Household Hazardous Waste
Duration – 7:31

A small building on Kalamazoo’s east side keeps dangerous substances out of the environment – and their services are free to most county residents!

Connect: New City Manager
New City Manager
Duration – 9:25

Connect sat down with the new Kalamazoo City Manager, Jim Ritsema, and discussed the future of the city.

Connect: Nature Preserve Burn
Nature Preserve Burn
Duration – 3:39

A controlled burn is scheduled for the Bow in the Clouds Nature Preserve. We visited in late fall to see the preserve before the burn, and find out the details.

Connect: Free Tax Prep 2014
Tax Prep 2014The Kalamazoo County Tax Counseling Initiative once again is offering free tax preparation assistance to people who meet certain guidelines – if your income for 2013 was less than 52 thousand dollars or if you’re 60 or older.