Connect: February 2011 Videos

Febraury 2011

Connect: Martin Luther King Day EventsMartin Luther King Day Events
Duration – 5:54

Interview with MLK Event Organizer, Alfrelynn Roberts about the events taking place during the month of February.

Connect: Budget InterviewBudget Interview
Duration – 5:55

Connect interviewed the Chief Financial Officer for the City of Kalamazoo to find out how they balanced this year’s budget.

Connect: Car Seat Check UpsCar Seat Check Ups
Duration – 3:41

City of Portage Fire Chief, Randy Lawton, talks about the Car Seat Checkup Program that is held monthly throughout Kalamazoo County. Connect also talked to parents from around the county about how much of a help this is to their growing families.

Connect: Snow PlowsSnow Plows
Duration – 2:46

Connect went out with a Portage Plow Truck Driver to get all the information on snow plow safety.