August 2013 videos

August 2013


Youth Opportunities UnlimitedYouth Opportunities Unlimited
Duration – 7:05

Have you seen them – the teens in orange and yellow vests picking up trash and cutting brush along the roads in Kalamazoo? They’re working in the City Summer Youth Program, coordinated by Youth Opportunities Unlimited, a part of Kalamazoo RESA. We caught up with them one hot day to find out what these jobs are all about.

Eliason Nature Reserve OpensEliason Nature Reserve Opens
Duration – 3:44

In the middle of July, the City of Portage dedicated the city’s newest park: the Eliason Nature Reserve Trail.

Animal Enforcement Ride-AlongAnimal Enforcement Ride-Along
Duration – 6:08

Animals like to explore in the summer, and sometimes they get lost. We rode along with Animal Enforcement Officer Julie Barber as she picked up stray kittens and a stray dog.

Bike SafetyBike Safety
Duration – 3:30

Recent accidents involving cars and bikes remind us that drivers and cyclists need to stay alert so that everyone can make it safely to their destinations. We spoke with Portage Public Safety Officer Kyle Doster to get some specific tips on Bike Safety.

Portage History TeaPortage History Tea
Duration – 0:55

The city of Portage is in the midst of celebrating their 50th anniversary. In July Connect caught up with them as they explored their history in a most appropriate setting.

Camp 911Camp 911
Duration – 4:35

Each summer, children between the ages of 9 and 11 are given the opportunity to learn safety and prevention techniques, thanks to a private and public partnership led by LifeEMS.

Kalamazoo Township Ice Cream SocialKalamazoo Township Ice Cream Social
Duration – 3:18

For more than 70 years, the Westwood Firefighters Association has hosted a neighborhood Ice Cream Social. But there’s a lot more than just ice cream involved.