And to expose just how much trickery normally goes on

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Cheap Canada Goose Outlet Most people would find it hard to fault the gorgeous, slim girl on the left.But with a bit of airbrush trickery, graphic artists have made her even more “perfect”, giving her unfeasibly blemish free skin, impossibly thin thighs and a smoother rib cage.Now, fed up with the pressure such images pile on young women to look as good, Debenhams has banned retouching of models in its publicity shots the first store to do so.The picture on the left will front the chain’s swimwear campaign. And to expose just how much trickery normally goes on, the store took the unusual step of putting out the manipulated version alongside it.Debenhams creative director Mark Woods said: “We want to help cus t omers make the most of their beauty without bombarding them with unattainable images. Our campaign is all about making women feel good, not eroding their self esteem by using false comparisons.”It is hoped other stores will follow suit, spelling the end of doll like models staring from billboards.Skintones made warmerLegs skimmedOutline of hair smoothedFace smoothed, blemish taken from lipArm skimmedFold of skin removedLike us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterPrincess DianaLawyer who saw Diana’s death crash breaks 20 year silence to claim “other forces” were behind accidentStanlee Culbreath is speaking out for the first time in two decades to question whether the Princess of Wales could have lived if French emergency services had acted fasterHospitalsHorrified new dad heard “loud blow” as wife’s body was cut in half by hospital lift moments after giving birthRocio Canada Goose Outlet Cortes Nunez was being taken to a maternity canada goose outlet unit via stretcher her legs were reportedly left dangling in the lift shaft after the tragedyCrimeChampion powerlifter ‘killed by MMA fighter’ during violent street brawl after row over whose sport was betterWARNING: Contains graphic footage Cheap Canada Goose Outlet.